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N150 | Towards Integrated Management of the Water Environment

Overview Summary Objectives Outcomes Partners

Lead Partner Surrey County Council
Contact Person Chris Dent and Tony Gould
Position within organisation: Head of European, Economic and Environmental Protection Strategies
Telephone number : 00 44 208 541 9282/9446
Fax number : 00 44 208 541 9447
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Action
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 3.2.
Total eligible cost (€) To be determined
Summary Top
Development pressures in Surrey are acute given its locational advantages in the south east of England, adjacent to London. Similar problems exist in other parts of the EU. At times of heavy rainfall, the additional run-off from development can exacerbate the risk of flooding. The likelihood that climate change may worsen this situation in future years makes it timely to consider how drainage can be better managed in future to reduce flood risk. At the same time, opportunities for enhancement of the recreational and biodiversity value of rivers and their associated meadows can yield benefits to a wider community. The project will develop a catchment-based approach to water management, integrating water resource, land drainage, flood alleviation, recreation and biodiversity objectives with spatial planning processes.
Objectives Top
In floodplain areas, ensure that spatial planning decisions do not further increase the risk of flooding. Increase awareness of the water environment as a factor in spatial land use planning. Promote restoration of the traditional function of flood plains and the land uses and management that facilitate this. Identify opportunities for multi-functional use of flood plain areas.
Outcomes Top
Projects to promote adoption of sustainable urban drainage within existing developed areas and in new development areas. Evaluation of opportunities and difficulties of achieving more integrated management of undeveloped flood plain areas, including the use of land for the temporary storage of water in periods of excessive rainfall. Identification of opportunities to deliver habitat improvements.
Partners Top
cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports