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N°90 | Netherlands Textile Museum: Museum in operation

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Lead Partner City of Tilburg
Contact Person Dr. G. Hauser
Position within organisation: Manager Public Affairs and Project Finance
Telephone number : 00 31 13 542 9711
Fax number : 00 31 13 542 9309
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Action and investment for measures: Action project
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 4.2.
Total eligible cost (€) 13,525,000
Summary Top
Since 1986 the Netherlands Textile Museum has presented itself as a museum in operation. The museum is situated in a magnificent renovated 19th century textile factory where traditional and innovative techniques are demonstrated in exciting ways. In addition, the museum displays collections of design and art. The Mommers complex, in which the textile museum is located, lies in a district of Tilburg called Oud-Noord (Old North). The surrounding area of the textile museum faces similar problems to those of the inner city industrial estates: the economic basis of the companies and small businesses established in the district is slowly but steadily getting weaker. Due to the lack of space, successful enterprises are moving away to industrial estates on the outskirts of the city. The smaller businesses are usually only just able to keep their heads above water. When businesses cease trading, the premises that become available are mostly too expensive for new businesses that are just starting up. As a result the vacated business premises are usually converted into dwellings. That means that the district is in danger of becoming an increasingly uniform residential-type area catering largely to the financially weak. The municipality of Tilburg wants to put a stop to these negative developments and for that reason it has drawn up a district economic plan for the district Oud-Noord in the context of the Large Cities Policy. In this plan the framework is defined within which new employment creation projects are to be set up. This involves projects that focus on keeping jobs within the district and strengthening the district’s socio-economic basis. As a ‘cultural enterprise’, the Netherlands Textile Museum (NTM) - located in the heart of the district Oud-Noord - wants to play a definite pioneering role in strengthening the economic structure of the district. In the context of the pilot project Regional Textile Industry, the NTM intends to function as a booster for creating new enterprises in the district. The pilot project contains a number of spearheads that are worked out in subprojects (see under Expected concrete results and Estimated total eligible cost).
Objectives Top
Conserving the cultural heritage; Competitiveness and complementary city functions; Sustainable urban development; and Improving the knowledge base. This project concerns a common problem/opportunity. Other (former textile industry) cities, too, both at home and abroad, are confronted with similar developments.
Outcomes Top
Promoting employment and (traditional) industry inside and outside the district Oud-Noord. Upkeep and transfer of specific knowledge and skills. Network development among all sectors in the textile industry. Social reactivating of former textile employees.
Partners Top
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