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N°87 | Multimedia Centre Tilburg

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Lead Partner City of Tilburg
Contact Person Dr. G. Hauser
Position within organisation: Manager Public Affairs and Project Finance
Telephone number : 00 31 13 542 9711
Fax number : 00 31 13 542 9309
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Action and Investment for measures: Action project
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 1.1, 1.2.
Total eligible cost (€) 11,907,192
Summary Top
In co-operation with a number of external partners, the municipality of Tilburg wants to set up a Multimedia Centre. The centre is to be a building (or a conglomerate of buildings in a small area) where various functions in the field of modern media are united. The functions concerned are multimedia functions, educational functions, cultural functions, and business accommodation. The Multimedia Centre will be located in the Veemarktkwartier, in the eastern part of Tilburg’s inner city, where a ‘Cultural Quarter’ is being developed within the framework of the Large Cities Policy. The theme of the urban regeneration project in the Veemarktkwartier is art and culture (pop music, visual arts, education and enterprise). In the Multimedia Centre the desired incubation environment can be created for entrepreneurs (starters) in the multimedia sector, as well as for artists and for college and university graduates. A building in which a network can be created consisting of people who are involved in the design, development, production and sale of products and services in the field of modern media.
Objectives Top
Competitiveness and complementary city functions; and Improving the knowledge base.The concept of developing a ‘cultural quarter’ has been successfully applied in a number of European countries. The growth potential of the versatile multimedia sector and the small scale of the enterprises offer good prospects for realizing the objectives of the Large Cities Policy in (under-developed) areas such as the Veemarktkwartier in Tilburg. Once the Multimedia Centre has been built, countless opportunities for cross-border co-operative projects will present themselves, such as: 1.Exchange of strategies aimed at stimulating cultural activities and creating employment, which might include a study into the potential of the culture industry in the border area. 2.In the field of education: working together to improve the accessibility of new media for weaker users. 3.Encouraging co-operation in the sphere of socio-cultural development and training. 4.Stimulating the use of ICT (for instance by organizing a competition for young multimedia enterprises). 5.Organizing a cross-border forum on the culture industry. 6.Organizing an international audio-visual festival.
Outcomes Top
The revitalization of the Veemarktkwartier is taking place under the motto: ‘Art and culture as the motor of economic development’. The aim of the Multimedia Centre is to bring together a chain of (smaller) businesses that promote cultural enterprise. We hope to realize the following objectives with the project: 1.Provide accommodation for businesses in the multimedia sector. 2.The creation of a favourable incubation environment and network for young multimedia companies. 3.To encourage the production, presentation and sale of products and services in the field of modern multimedia. 4.To set up an audio-visual centre. 5.To relocate the Scryption; a museum for written communication that is currently located elsewhere in the city.
Partners Top
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