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N° | New products from tradional orchards

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Lead Partner Stichting Hoogstamboomgaard IJsselvallei i.o.
Region: Oost-Nederland
Contact Person Rob le Rutte
Position within organisation: chairman organisation
Telephone number : 00 31 570 652171
Fax number : no fax
Email address :
Website : no website
Project type :
Partners involved : Nordrhein-Westfalen : Naturschutzbund Münster
Relevant measure(s) : 4.2
Total eligible cost (€) € 900,000
Summary Top
Regional identity plays a major role in the sustainability of rural communities. Cultural heritage is a key component in moulding this identity. In the IJsselvallei, as in some other areas across Europe, the rural economy and the (identity of) the landscape was formed for a large part by the occurrence of large scale fruit tree growing in orchards, and the production, processing and marketing of the fruits. The traditional orchards disappeared, however, in large numbers, because of reasons of efficiency and the disappearance of supporting services. Since a number of years the interest in traditional orchards had increased and more and more fruit trees - not the dwarf varieties - are planted again. The challenge is to develop for the newly planted trees, not only an proper planting support (instruction in pruning and maintenance), but foremost a viable 'economic' future. When there is a economic perspective, the orchard owners are more prone to maintain their property to a level that leads to environmental and 'landscape' gains. The economic perspective can be reached by modernizing and stimulating a processing industry, a marketing system and the development of search for new traditional fruit tree products. All these initiatives take the form of small-scale or co-operative entreprises and not of industrial facilities, with regard to processing and marketing.
Objectives Top
The project is aimed to develop the necessary innovations in the traditional orchard produce industry as crucial elements in the rural economy by bringing together the experiences and technology, developed in a number of fruit growing areas in an international context. The project comprises, therefore, exchange, study and experimentation in the following areas: 1. the development of new products originating from traditional orchards, such as wines, cider, juices, dried products, sweets, spreads, etc. 2. new processing techniques and procedures increasing the efficiency in the handing of large amounts of fruit 3. the promotion and organisation of 'new' growers of traditional products, to the extent necessary 4. the promotion and education of different groups at the regional level to promote the traditional orchards in a new way, including respect for the landscape, nature and the environment
Outcomes Top
1. a range of new products ready to be promoted a farm-store level and rural retail outlets 2. the organisation and handling of collection, processing and marketing at regional level, with use of proper technology such as large scale cider pressing, ovens for the drying of fruit, etc 3. the increased interest in traditional fruit tree growing in orchards 4. a increase in the regional identity where the traditional fruit growing has become a sustainable economic sector once again.
Partners Top
Nordrhein-Westfalen : Naturschutzbund Münster
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