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N6 | Klankenberge Music Festival

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Lead Partner City of Blankenberge
Contact Person Alain Menge
Position within organisation:
Telephone number : 00 32 050 42 99 42
Fax number : 00 32 05042 90 29
Email address :
Website :
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Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 4.2.
Total eligible cost (€) 224,963
Summary Top
Klankenberge is a unique music festival that links music to different other themes such as : sports, water, fireworks, youth, mobility, etc. Klankenberge takes place in the first weekend of July. The whole city of Blankenberge is involved in this festival. The festival is a major attraction for tourists as well as for local people. Besides the impact on tourism, Klankenberge also has economical potential. By programming the Klankenberge festival the first weekend of July, Blankenberge tries to avoid an extra tourist pressure in the top period which is thelast two weeks in July and the first half of August. The famous Flemish director Piet Perneel is responsible for the realisation of Klankenberge.
Objectives Top
Further development and expansion of the tourist product by introducing an extra music festival.
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Partners Top
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