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N59 | Historical Canals in the center of Rotterdam (Singelplan Rotterdam).

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Lead Partner Municipality of Rotterdam
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Position within organisation: Project manager
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Email address : JD.Nederlof@gw.rotterdam.nll
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Project type : Action
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Relevant measure(s) : 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.2.
Total eligible cost (€) 0
Summary Top
Redesigning of the canal boulevards to improve spatial quality, particularly of water, green space, traffic and edges. Besides the physical renewal, neighbourhood activities focused on the canals will also be encouraged, as will economic improvement and upgrading tourist activities (cycle and walking routes).
Objectives Top
Making simultaneous use of opportunities in the fields of sustainable urban water management, improving the quality of living environment (the atmosphere is good, natural and proper) and increasing nature values in a city centre district where pressures on public space are high.
Outcomes Top
Raise water quality and amenity value. Improve water quality by: disconnecting 2.2 ha clean hard surfacing, move inlet and flushing points, remove 30,000 m3 sediment (dredging), create 1200 m2 nature-friendly banks. Improve amenity value by: creating better sightlines, improving safety, provide public access along canals and create ecological corridors to link nature areas
Partners Top
cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports