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N°49 | European Heritage Region: a label of quality

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Lead Partner
Contact Person Jean-René MORICE/Alice PLAUD
Position within organisation: Responsible for monitoring European programmes
Telephone number : 00 33 240 89 89 75
Fax number : 00 33 240 08 07 10
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Action
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 4.2.
Total eligible cost (€) 1,000,000
Summary Top
To reinforce the cultural attraction of regions already welcoming tourists in Europe by focusing on their rich heritage in terms of architecture, the natural environment, history and gastronomy and by using existing heritage networks: accommodation in buildings of character, historic roads, parks and gardens, châteaux open to visitors, religious heritage, sites recognised by Unesco, etc.
Objectives Top
To organize the exchange of experience and information: Organization of study visits, tailoring of supply to demand in line with the predetermined target clientele. To ensure the market positioning and the promotion of the European Heritage Regions as destinations for cultural tourists: Search for factors liable to favour the emergence of a common image, enabling the partner regions to distinguish themselves from the competition. To optimise the tools of communication: Creation of an Internet site, organization of press trips, purchase of advertising space in selected media, involvement in general public and professional exhibitions, etc. To contribute to the development of out-of-season tourism, leading to economic benefits throughout the year.
Outcomes Top
1) Promotion of a high-quality form of tourism thanks to a better understanding of the techniques already existing in each region: pooling of know-how, etc. 2) Increase in the economic benefits for the professionals concerned, 3) Development of communication actions confirming the regions as destinations for cultural tourism in Europe.
Partners Top
cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports