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N°48 | Life Long Learning and Employability in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine

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Lead Partner
Contact Person Ms. Ted Versteegh-Weijers
Position within organisation: ALMA co-ordinator
Telephone number : 00 31 43 388 31 11/25 56
Fax number : 00 31 43 388 49 34
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Action
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 2.2.
Total eligible cost (€) 30,472,550
Summary Top
The need for diversity and internationalisation creates new demands for citizens and for the relationship between higher education institutions and the labour market (educational offer vs. socio-economic demands). The 10-year-old ALMA network will focuse its effort on reinforcing the higher educational offer of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine (common programmes) in relation to socio-economic issues relevant to this region. This implies great co-operation links between universities, polytechnics, intermediary organisations, regional authorities and the industry.
Objectives Top
1.ageing of the population (chances for life sciences, ict, age-related home-building issues, health care…); learning and employability (mobility, quality of life, quality of the labour forces …) 3.a broad social access to culture through the digital highway (infrastructure building, Euregional centre of competences…).
Outcomes Top
A steady (digital) educational, social and governmental infrastructure throughout the Euregion Meuse-Rhine in which information is interlinked and made available to the Euregional citizen.
Partners Top
cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports