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N44 | Multilane (turbo) roundabout pilot project

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Lead Partner
Contact Person ir. L.G.H. Fortuijn/ir. F.Sloet tot Everlo
Position within organisation: Head of the Office for Traffic Management/ Senior Adviser to Director (Coordinator)
Telephone number : 00 31 70 4416363/4416349
Fax number : 00 31 70 4417825/441 7833
Email address : respectively
Website :
Project type : Action
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 2.1
Total eligible cost (€) 5,000,000
Summary Top
Improving the capacity, circulation, safety and visibility of small roundabouts with an innovative system of lanes and markings. Existing heavily overloaded intersections with traffic lights take up a great deal of space to accommodate traffic filter lanes and will be replaced by this kind of specific roundabouts to save space. The capacities are so large that this type of single-level intersection is almost exchangeable with a (simple) multi-level intersection. A number of preliminary experiments have been started and the initial results are encouraging. A proper experiment must yet be started with a number (minimum of 5) of alternative roundabout designs (to be constructed), coupled with an evaluation study to address:- traffic circulation measures in volumes and waiting times in relation to required space-setting up and calibrating a calculation model for capacities and waiting times; monitoring traffic safety-investigating the possibilities for studying people’s driving experiences in a way that produces results that can be generalized and, if feasible, applied in practice; and build a sufficient number of alternatives (minimum 5) of this type of roundabout so that the relevant elements and parameters can be determined for the different alternatives.
Objectives Top
Parameters of actual driving behaviour can be established on the base of which a better calculation of capacities can be obtained and modifications of the design of these innovative, space-saving roundabouts can be carried out. Developing from this more, and direct application to relieve traffic bottlenecks adequately and safely and taking up less space.
Outcomes Top
Via applied research and implementation one can come to an exchange of experiences and ideas to solve this common traffic problem. Demonstration projects (pilot projects) which enable further research to be carried out into parameters and give an indication of space saved.
Partners Top
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