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N°42 | Backbone Uninterrupted Logistic System (ULS) (revision of PI handed in 24/7/02

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Lead Partner Regional Development Agency for Overijssel (OOM-NV), The Netherlands
Contact Person 1.Ir. R.S. De Graaf (OOM-NV) 2.Ir. G.M.Morsink (Activa B.V.)
Position within organisation: 1. Regional Development Agent 2. Project manager
Telephone number : 1.+31.53.4849649 -2. 2. +31.53.4814431 (Mob. +31.6
Fax number : 1.+31.53.4849678 2. +31.53.4814487
Email address : 2. 2.
Website : 1. 2.
Project type : Action
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 2.1
Total eligible cost (€) p.m
Summary Top
An Uninterrupted Logistic System (ULS) is a system that makes it possible to transport freight over surface roads without interference from other traffic. In the region Twente (East Netherlands) with the potential use of three modalities (Road, rail, water) a feasibility study about such a system is nearly finished. Based on the outcome of this study, the possibilities for setting up a transnational, integrated ICT and container transport backbone network for ULS’es along the axis England The Netherlands (Province of Overijssel) - Germany Ireland is planned. Preparatory actions, especially in concern to common interfacing will be part of the proposal.
Objectives Top
- - Investigating and developing a backbone network (physical and IT) for transnational connections of regional ULS systems.- Increase of sustainability in relation to transport systems and developments.- Increase of unhindered Freight Transport- Metropolitan Traffic- ICT transport guiding systems
Outcomes Top
- Network of regional partners interested in setting up regional ULS’es.- Benchmarks and criteria to realise regional ULS’es- Defined standards to interfacing Uls’es- IT-transport support system.
Partners Top
cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports