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N39 | Renewal of Industrial Heritage in North West Europe

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Lead Partner Province of Overijssel
Contact Person Mr. Adriaan Velsink
Position within organisation: Senior Programme Officer
Telephone number : 00 31 38 425 1695
Fax number : 00 31 38 425 2673
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Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 4.1, 4.2, 4.3.
Total eligible cost (€) 360,000
Summary Top
The province of Overijssel has initiated a revitalization programme for the renewal of industrial heritage in the cities and communities for a period of three years (2001 - 2004). The key in understanding the programme for the renewal of industrial heritage in Overijssel lies in its creative and innovative approach. Renewal of industrial heritage requires a high level of creativity in the planning process. Various disciplines are involved in solving complex problems in redefining the use of an industrial site or building. The outcome of this creativity process leads towards unexpected solutions which are very attractive from a commercial and edu-tourism point of view. As a consequence renewal of industrial heritage adds to the cultural identity of the cities and communities in a region The programme will include the following activities: 1. to disseminate relevant information on innovative approaches for the renewal of industrial heritage to policy makers, owners of sites and buildings, and other private parties. 2. to organize excursions and workshops, and to contribute to discussions. 3. to co-finance feasibility studies and spatial development plans. 4. to perform an intermediary role for project applicants. 5. to co-finance project realization
Objectives Top
Reanimation of industrial heritage is needed because it: contributes to a positive appeal and identity of the cities and towns in the entire region; has an economic potential; the creative process of various disciplines promotes an integral approach which stimulates innovations; redefinition of functional use of buildings, space and building materials promotes sustainable development; promotes the cultural historic value of past industrial land use; and promotes qualitative cultural tourism.
Outcomes Top
The province of Overijssel has committed itself to initiate at least five pilot projects during the course of the revitalization programme (2001 - 2004). The provincial contribution will consist of advisory services and financial contributions for feasibility studies, and plan studies. It is expected that the programme - once in full operation - will realize during the entire INTERREG IIIb programme period at least 15 - 25 projects. By the end of the revitalization programme a book will be published containing all the individual pilots as an example for renewal of industrial heritage.
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