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N18 | Watermanagement in the 21st Century

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Lead Partner Provincie Zeeland
Contact Person Andre van de Straat
Position within organisation: Hydrologist
Telephone number : 00 31 118 631 116
Fax number : 00 31 118 534 756
Email address :
Website : (in Dutch)
Project type : Action/Investment
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 3.2.
Total eligible cost (€) 0
Summary Top
In the past century measures in European watermanagement consisted mainly of enabling discharge of excess water as quickly as possible. In the past decade we learned that this policy resulted in more drought and flooding in periods of extreme climatical conditions. Climate change is expected to increase these problems. Drought can partly be prevented by saving up excess water in soil and surface waters e.g. through (automated) weirs and accepting water level fluctuations within a wider range. Flooding can be prevented by slowing down and spreading (in time) discharge of excess water. Possible measures are: conservation of water in higher/dryer areas, (temporary) retention of water and enlarging storage capacity. The above mentioned measures can also serve other environmental objectives, such as natural water purification, restoration of groundwater levels, freshwater storage, etc.
Objectives Top
Carrying out projects that take an integral approach at the scale of catchment areas (or one or more pumped drainage areas).
Outcomes Top
Optimization of watermanagement in several catchment areas.
Partners Top
cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports