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N118 | Polycentric Systems Analysis Methodology

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Lead Partner Warwickshire County Council for the West Mdlands Local Government Association (WMLGA)
Contact Person Sherman Wong
Position within organisation: Senior Planner
Telephone number : 00 44 1926 412391
Fax number : 00 44 1926 418029
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Study
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 1.2, 1.3.
Total eligible cost (€) Around 2,000,000
Summary Top
To assist the implementation of the North West of Europe (NWE) Spatial Vision by developing a transferable methodology for defining the polycentric structures of territories by the systematic analysis of the multi-functional relationships between places at regional and inter-regional levels. It is intended that the project will build on a practical approach to polycentricity developed by the West Midlands Local Government Association (WMLGA) for regional analysis and spatial policy formulation. It is suggested is that, for the spatial analysis of NWE, polycentricity should mean more than multi-centred in the terms of a traditional settlement hierarchy. Instead, it is proposed that the concept should be perceived and applied in the form of the distribution of layers of different functions. The relative significance of a particular place would therefore depend, not on its size, but on the importance of the specific function, the coincidence of functions, and/or its linkages to other functions and places. The project is primarily aimed at organisations with regional spatial planning and/or data capture and analysis competencies.
Objectives Top
To contribute to realising the NWE Spatial Vision by engaging organisations with spatial planning competencies in: Developing a transferable methodology for the consistent analysis and improved understanding of complex multi-functional polycentric settlement and activity structures within NWE. Identifying a range of functions appropriate for the systematic analysis of regional, inter-regional and trans-national relationships within NWE. Executing systematic functional audits and the multi-functional mapping of audit outputs within and between the participating territories. Development of polycentric policies which, at regional, inter-regional and trans-national levels within the NWE territory, further the three fundamental goals of European policy (economic and social cohesion; conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage; and more balanced competitiveness of the European territory).
Outcomes Top
A transferable methodology for identifying polycentric settlement and activity structures for use by authorities with spatial planning competencies across the NWE territory. Identification of pilot multi-functional polycentric frameworks in cross boundary areas and/or a limited number of regions in different countries. Greater understanding of spatial development patterns and trends in the NWE territory. Recommendations for specific spatial policies within and between the participating regions. Recommendations for generic spatial policies for the application of polycentricity at levels below the current NWE Spatial Vision.
Partners Top
cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports