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N°105 | Rearranging and reconstructing the river Eem and the Eem-harbour within the town of Amersfoort.

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Lead Partner Municipality of Amersfoort
Contact Person Herman Sol
Position within organisation: Sr. Advisor Economic Development
Telephone number : 00 31 3346 94535
Fax number : 00 31 3346 95477
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Investment
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 4.1.
Total eligible cost (€) 17,240,000
Summary Top
The town of Amersfoort (population 130.000) is situated in the middle of the Netherlands The town is surrounded by several unique landscapes. Because the town is centrally located the infrastructure of national highways and railroads both having an (international hub function - cuts brutally through the landscape around the town. Another aspect of the town is that the urban extensions and the construction of infrastructure in the last decades have become ever less guided by the landscape. The town, which in the past grew more or less ‘organically’, has experienced a strong expansion since then and has, so to speak, jumped over its own city walls. Also in the coming 10 to 15 years the town will face a considerable building job, both in town expansion areas and in the existing town. The realisation of this task has been started already, in a public-private co-operation, in respect of building 11.000 new houses with attendant job opportunities and provisions in the urban expansion and of the realisation of extensive and ambitious inner city renewal projects in and immediately around the city centre, around the junctions of public transportation. Within the region, the town of Amersfoort plays a central role. The town is aware that more and more the green and the blue in and around the town contributes importantly to the quality of life. The present-day edges of the town differ in functions and dynamics. The edges are threatened by the urban dynamics, which jeopardises not only unique functions of the landscape, but also threatens the process of improving the quality of the environment for the town population. The townspeople in particular will profit from a good environment, including sufficient space in and around the town. Space that can be used for recreational purposes, but also to store water and for nature development. The challenge of the town is to create a better coherence between town and country, between red, blue and green. As counter-pattern for urbanisation the town elects to develop robust green-blue structures on the edges of the town, connecting these with (inner) city elements of the green blue structure. The town has formulated the following objectives: develop ecological connection zones between town and country and between unique landscapes among themselves; develop recreational connection zones between town and country; improve the accessibility of the rural area for shared recreational usage; create water storage in the areas; create and arrange clear town edges. For Amersfoort it involves the rearrangement and reconstruction of the river Eem and the Eem-harbour. The town takes its name from the river Eem (Amer). The town wishes to restore the old splendour of the Eem and the Eem-harbour, but in an up-to-date fashion: as part of the green-blue structure on the edge of the town and with a pleasant climate for both long-term and transient recreational tourists in a new inner-city environment. Around a part of the Eem and Eem-harbour a transformation is taking place from an old industrial area to a region with dwellings, job opportunities and entertainment. This will enlarge the town centre of Amersfoort.
Objectives Top
Along the river Eem in the inner-city there are many outdated industrial areas which will receive a new, upgraded urban function because of their central location in the town. The re-orientation on the river Eem provides opportunities to give a clear structure to the area. In addition the river Eem gives possibilities to achieve recreational development (water, walking and bicycling).
Outcomes Top
Stimulating creative use of the river Eem by means of waterways, bicycle paths and walking routes. Repair of quay-walls and usage of the river banks (accommodation, recreation and nature). Rearrangement of the public area along the river Eem.
Partners Top
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