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N100 | Middelburg Station district

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Lead Partner City of Middelburg
Contact Person K. van Poppel
Position within organisation: Coordinator
Telephone number : 00 31 118 675 230
Fax number : 00 31 118 636 216
Email address :
Website :
Project type : Study for measures followed by investment.
Partners involved :
Relevant measure(s) : 1.1.
Total eligible cost (€) 75,000,000
Summary Top
The area along the banks of the Walcheren Canal (Kanaal door Walcheren) divides the town of Middelburg into two separate parts. In these inefficiently used urban surroundings, especially on the south bank, the solitary railway station does not attract the crowd that should give the area the evident significance as a connecting link between these divided parts. The town of Middelburg also needs an economic impulse. The higher educated labour force tends to migrate to the more challenging industrialised parts of the country, creating a social decline. A master plan has been developed in which the canal banks are transformed into an area with attractive public meeting places, room for new offices and sites for unconventional housing developments. These will replace the present poor and declined industrial complexes and the unattractive unused open spaces. Further steps have to be taken by means of working out the preliminary plans and a developing strategy that uses the assessments of the private market. The demolition of the old industrial complexes and the purification of the contaminated soil also are parts of the plan.
Objectives Top
Priority 1: Transnational spatial development strategies for urban and rural systems in the North Sea region: Achieve practical action outputs through an integrated cross-sectional spatial development approach by moving from planning to development; Achieve a better quality of process realisation and final result by common research, etcetera.
Outcomes Top
A new and modern town centre with an attractive working environment in which it is pleasant to stay in public areas and to live in unconventional townhouses and apartments. The project must lead to an economical improvement of the area and be an alternative for the migrating working population. The presence of the canal gives the opportunity to use water as a design element. The narrow banks make it necessary to create a compact urban development.
Partners Top
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