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Espace Manche Development Initiative
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The EMDI project seeks to extend and reinforce Franco-British co-operation around the Channel. It covers the identification of the challenges in the Channel area, the deployment of tangible initiatives on different themes and the development of a common regional data tool.

Lead Partner:
Région Haute-Normandie
5, rue Robert Schuman – BP 1129
Tel 33 (0)2 35 52 22 86
Fax 33 (0)2 35 52 57 65

Project Manager

Measure: 5.2

Start date: 2003/03/11
End date: 2007/09/30

ERDF Grant: € 871 428
Total eligible cost: € 1 815 475

Partners involved:

Project type: Action

The English Channel is both the world’s busiest maritime thoroughfare and the main gateway to NW Europe. And it is likely to become busier as the traffic of goods and people between the UK and the Continent grows. The common problems generated by this vital artery strengthen the need for transnational co-operation , which will be tested by the EMDI project through pilot initiatives on a series of themes including tourism, integrated coastal zone management and higher education. The key objective of the 1.9 M euro project is the further development of the Trans-Manche Atlas, a product of earlier co-operation between English and French authorities, into a sophisticated Regional Data Tool that can be used by authorities and practitioners across the area. The lead partner on the project, which will develop the atlas using the latest advances in ICT is France’s Region Haute-Normandie. The sharing of data and analysis between the partners will help forge a better understanding of the strategic issues facing the areas bordering the channel, fostering greater European integration.

The objective behind the EMDI project is to contribute to increased European integration by orientating and fostering co-operation between French Regions and English regional/local authorities on either side of the Channel.


Expected Outcomes

  • EMDI Regional Data Tool with developed content and advanced electronic functions
  • Strategic Spatial Vision document for the cross-Channel area
  • Paper Atlas
  • 5 thematic reports defining theme-based policy directions for co-operative actions
  • Data bases with adapted search functions: Tourism markets, Higher education/R&D/Transfer of technology, Fishing economy, ICZM (definition of joint indicators), Intermodal links tool.
  • Maps: coastal uses and activities, centres of expertise, issues linked to vessel traffic management
  • Training-action seminars: Tourism – ICZM – Maritime safety – Intermodality
  • Analysis reports: Coastal uses and activities (ICZM), Centres of expertise (potential for co-operation), Fishing economy, Intermodality (potential for short sea shipping)
  • Joint tourism promotion campaigns
  • Coastal management frameworks
  • Business fair
  • Constitution of a Regional Consultative Committee for the Fishing resources of the Channel area.

cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports