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Developing Economic Clusters of Cultural Enterprises – ECCE
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"The ECCE partnership was set up to help and support cultural enterprises in becoming dynamic economic actors within their region. Training and Management support will be given within the Local Resource Centres (LRCs) set up accross the NWE zone.

 Developing Economic Clusters of Cultural Enterprises – ECCE

Lead Partner:
Nantes Métropole
2, Cours du Champ de Mars
Tel +
Fax +33.2.51 25 04 88

Mr Jean-Louis Bonnin
Project Manager

Measure: 1.1

Start date: 2005/07/01
End date: 2008/06/30

ERDF Grant: € 1 337 109
Total eligible cost: € 2 807 324

Partners involved:

Project type: Action

Joint resources will be developed by the ECCE partnership to help and support cultural enterprises in becoming dynamic economic actors within their region. The overall objectives are directed to economic growth of the partner regions. Transnationally, these joint resources will take the form of a network of Local Resource Centres (LRC) which will collect know how, expertise and contacts, as well as providing valuable support to SMEs and cultural industries within the NWE zone. The joint actions include an international training programme for schools and universities, artists and cultural entrepreneurs, a specialised consultancy service and financial resources management services, to help cultural enterprises and SMEs develop their ideas and create jobs. The project hopes to give a real economic value to culture across North West Europe and provide valuable research results for policy making in the cultural and economic sectors.

Beyond its specific goals to set up a network of economic clusters of cultural industries, the ECCE project is motivated by the wider objectives to:

  • Promote and reinforce economic growth and employment in the NWE area by means of strengthening and sustaining entrepreneurial and SME activity in the economic sector of cultural industries
  • provide for increased polycentrism and decreased “brain drain” in this economic sector of NWE by emphasising the competitive advantages of the periphery


Expected Outcomes
Joint methodologies on

  • Awareness building activities to be provided to potential actors in CI
  • Education and Training modules on business methods for prospective actors and entrepreneurs
  • Consulting services concerning business, financial, risk, time and project management for entrepreneurs and SMEs active in CI
  • Approaching and lobbying in the banking and venture capital industries and on the brokering of contacts between these industries and actors of the CI sector as well as among actors of the CI sector
  • Communication and Dissemination of knowledge, expertise, know-how, contacts, and lessons learned
A transnational project webpage
  • Providing a resources platforms (offering information on project, meetings and seminars; databasis on methodologies, tools and instruments, legal provisions, contacts, e-learning tools, etc.) addressing the CI sector
  • Integrating the partners’ individual websites
  • Providing Information and dissemination material
Exchange, dissemination, awareness raising and training events
  • A series of exchange seminars targeting the establishment of joint methodologies, approaches, tools, technical infrastructure, etc.
  • A number of large, public dissemination events addressing all stakeholders of the NWE cultural industries sector
  • Regular awareness raising events with schools and universities
  • A number of training events, including a “Masters of cultural industries” university programme and an internship programme related to CI

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