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Enhancement of containerised freight flows on small waterways
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ECSWA seeks to enhance the attractiveness of small waterways for freight transport by developing a push barge concept for transnational services. This will make it possible to make full use of the existing waterway capacity for transport without large infrastructure investments.

 Enhancement of containerised freight flows on small waterways

Lead Partner:
Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV
Oostdijk 110
Tel +32 (0)3 860 62 72
Fax 32 (0)3 860 63 00

Mr. Willy Robijns
Project Manager

Measure: 5.1

Start date: 2005/04/26
End date: 2005/05/30

ERDF Grant: € 479 566
Total eligible cost: € 999 095

Partners involved:

Project type: Action

This Belgium led project seeks to give small waterways a new commercial capacity by providing a push barge concept for transnational containers services. This should facilitate shipping transport by using existing waterways and without requiring large infrastructure investments. Both Belgians and Dutch partners will facilitate inland navigation by working on accessibility to the new logistic solutions which they offer, to increase economically viable freight transport through a modal shift from road to water. To the barge terminal operators, the project will offer integrated trunk-feeder services in both countries. They aim to strengthen links between sea-ports and their hinterlands by increasing the use of small waterways, and to stimulate public-private partnerships in the process.


    1. maintains/improves the competitiveness and attractiveness of metropolitan areas
    2. promotes the redistribution of economic functions among metropolitan areas
    1. promotes medium-sized cities and over-shadowed metropolitan areas.
    2. provides greater equity in access to opportunities across NWE.
    1. addresses brownfield sites, inner-city areas or contaminated sites
    2. aims at containing urban sprawl and/or protects green belts and spaces
    3. relates to the revitalisation of the urban fabric through new identity.
    1. relates to metropolitan development trends in NWE;
    2. relates to spatial planning policies and procedures in NWE;
    3. improves the knowledge base of the territorial structure of NWE.


Expected Outcomes

  1. development of metropolitan planning strategies and practice towards better integration of the objectives of the Measure
  2. innovative planning approaches adopted;
  3. more creative and efficient metropolitan development strategies through the involvement of civil society and the creation of public-private partnerships
  4. better co-ordinated implementation of EU sectoral policies (transport, energy, industry, tourism, environment, research etc.) with the objectives of the Measure.
  5. availability of a more substantial knowledge base on the metropolitan systems of NWE.

cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports