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ESPACE is a UK-led project (Hampshire County Council) with 10 partners, many from across the water in Belgium and the Netherlands. The project seeks to contribute to challenge faced by administrations to minimise the risk that climate change brings to 10 society, economy and the environment, by influencing the philosophy and practice of spatial planning. The core objectives of the project are to develop a approach to spatial planning that can be applied transnationally and which will [...]
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Lead Partner:
Hampshire County Council
The CastleWinchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom SO23 8UE

Tel 00 44 1962 846772
Fax 00 44 1962 846 776

Bryan Boult
Environment Group Leader

Measure: 3.1

Start date: 2001/10/02
End date: 2007/06/30

ERDF Grant: € 2 372 965
Total eligible cost: € 4,7 M€

Partners involved:

UK - Hampshire County Council

UK - Environment Agency

BE - Regionaal Landschap Zenne Zuun en Zoniën

UK - South East Climate Change Partnership

UK - South East England Regional Assembly

UK - Surrey County Council

NL - Waterschap Rivierenland

UK - West Sussex County Council

NL - Ministerie van VROM

DE - Bayerisches Landesamt für Wasserwirtschaft

Project type: Action

The ESPACE (European Spatial Planning: Adapting to Climate Events) Project aims to ensure that adaptation to climate change is recognised and to recommend that it is incorporated within spatial planning mechanisms at the local, regional, national and European levels. This four year project is being led by Hampshire County Council with 10 partners from across North West Europe.
Through ESPACE, a change in the philosophy and practice of spatial planning should be achieved by ensuring that climate change is acknowledged as a major influence on spatial planning decisions and processes.

The core objectives of ESPACE are:

  • to develop a transnational approach to adaptation to climate change within spatial planning mechanisms which can be implemented by the partners.
  • to recommend a suitable approach at European, national, regional and local levels.
A number of key actions will be undertaken to achieve these objectives:
  • Establish an "extended partnership" to contribute to the development of the transnational approach and be advocates for the outputs of ESPACE at all levels.
  • Raise awareness amongst a wide range of stakeholders on a variety of issues encompassing climate change and adaptation.
  • Review and test adaptation measures and policies in light of climate change through case studies and models.
  • Develop mechanisms by which decisions are informed and take account of the impacts of climate change.


Expected Outcomes
The expected outcomes are:

  • Spatial Planning Policy Guidance on adaptation to climate change
  • Adoption of the policy guidance by the ESPACE partnership
  • Recommendations towards the integration of the policy guidance into spatial planning systems from local to European levels.

cities&regions transport&it water&flood risks nature&heritage seas&ports