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5 Project(s) with Lead Partner(s) based in South West

A 4-year co-operation exercise between 7 partners in the UK, France and Ireland, this project, led by the UK Environment Agency (Cornwall), aims to develop a common, transferable and integrated approach to planning and management of natural ( [...]

Lead Partner: Environment Agency
Measures: 5.2
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Bring up geology in a conversation and it will soon become apparent that the general public has limited knowledge on the geological diversity of North West Europe and its determining influence on the history and culture of the region. Buildin [...]

Lead Partner: Natural Environment Research Council (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland)
Measures: 4.1
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HEATH - Heathland: Environment, Agriculture, Tourism and Heritage
Lowland heathland is one of NW Europe’s quintessential historic landscape types, protected under the EU Habitats Directive. But the area covered by heathland has shrunk over the past 200 years, a decline which is continuing due to lack of [...]

Lead Partner: English Nature
Measures: 4.1
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STRING - Streets for Living
Neighbourhood regeneration in urban areas often focuses on the use of public spaces to help promote strong, vibrant communities and improve the quality of life. But roads, while public spaces, are often viewed as primarily transport routes, d [...]

Lead Partner: Swindon Borough Council
Measures: 1.1
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VEPS - Virtual Environmental Planning System
The objective of VEPS is to promote the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for e-planning, consultation and communication of citizens’ view on planning issues, particularly those regarding the environment. Members of the [...]

Lead Partner: The Environment Agency for England and Wales
Measures: 2.2
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8 Project(s) with Partner(s) based in South West

CRII - Cities Regain Identity and Image
The unique historical character and identity of many European cities are increasingly threatened by the pressures of standardization (eg. standard design of buildings and urban spaces, building materials). The end objective of this 4 year pro [...]

Lead Partner: City of Hagen
Measures: 1.1
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Since the Industrial Revolution, while some canals and navigable rivers were enlarged to meet the needs of freight transport, many lost their transport function and were closed to navigation. CROSSCUT builds on the findings of the INTERREG II [...]

Lead Partner: British Waterways
Measures: 4.2
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EGHN (European Garden Heritage Network)
From Capability Brown’s landscaping of rambling English country estates to the legacy of Le Nôtre at the Palace of Versailles, the garden heritage of the NWE region is rich and diverse, and a cultural asset in need of protection. Yet, the [...]

Lead Partner: Stiftung Schloss Dyck, Zentrum fĂĽr Gartenkunst und Landschaftskultur
Measures: 4.2
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EMDI - Espace Manche Development Initiative
The English Channel is both the world’s busiest maritime thoroughfare and the main gateway to NW Europe. And it is likely to become busier as the traffic of goods and people between the UK and the Continent grows. The common problems genera [...]

Lead Partner: RĂ©gion Haute-Normandie
Measures: 5.2
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IMAGE - Increasing Metropolitan Allure by Going European
All over North West Europe, post-war high rise residential areas are in decline, prey to a host of social problems such as poor physical environment, crime, social exclusion and lack of economic activity. The 5.5 M euro IMAGE project seeks de [...]

Lead Partner: City of Delft
Measures: 1.1
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J.A.F (Joint Approach for Managing Flooding)
Transnational cooperation will also contribute to the prevention of flood damage in the NWE. The recent floods in central Europe illustrate the imperative with which common action must be promoted. In the project Joint Approach for Managing F [...]

Lead Partner: Waterboardrd Regge and Dinkel
Measures: 3.2
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Optimum II - Optimal Planning Through Implementation of Mobility Management
Road congestion in the NWE area affects accessibility, mobility, environmental quality and economic development. Building new roads is no longer an option. Optimum2 seeks to better integrate mobility management into spatial planning and promo [...]

Lead Partner: Provincie Noord-Holland
Measures: 2.1
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SPATIAL METRO - A Network for Discovering the City on Foot
Visitors are often put off spending time in cities they find difficult to navigate their way around. The objective of the SPATIAL METRO project is to provide a way of making cities and their component elements legible and navigable for visito [...]

Lead Partner: Norwich City Council
Measures: 1.1
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