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1 Project(s) with Lead Partner(s) based in North West

ITISS - Intermodal Traveller Information Systems
The objective of the ITISS project is to provide real time travel information to transport users while they are on the move. Such information is generally provided now either via the internet or call centre services, although text message ale [...]

Lead Partner: Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive
Measures: 2.2
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9 Project(s) with Partner(s) based in North West

ARTERY (Restoring & Redeveloping Riverside Landscapes as Regions' Artery)
This project, led by the Association of Local Authorities in the Ruhr District, and bringing on board 15 partners from Germany, the UK and Netherlands, aims to restore 16 ‘riverscapes’ (river landscapes) as the arteries of the regions in [...]

Lead Partner: Association of Local Authorities in the Ruhr District (Kommunalverband Ruhrgebiet) (KVR)
Measures: 1.2
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COREPOINT - Creating a Sustainable Framework for ICZM
All North West European countries share concerns about coastal problems, such as flooding resulting from coastal change. The objective of Corepoint is to establish NW Europe as an internationally recognised region of excellence in coastal man [...]

Lead Partner: University College Cork, (Coastal & Marine Resources Centre)
Measures: 5.2
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EGHN (European Garden Heritage Network)
From Capability Brown’s landscaping of rambling English country estates to the legacy of Le Nôtre at the Palace of Versailles, the garden heritage of the NWE region is rich and diverse, and a cultural asset in need of protection. Yet, the [...]

Lead Partner: Stiftung Schloss Dyck, Zentrum für Gartenkunst und Landschaftskultur
Measures: 4.2
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ELFE - E-Learning for Female Entrepreneurs
The objectives of the ELFE project are to use the internet to provide training opportunities for women, who because of work and family commitments, find it hard to return to college to learn the skills needed to set up in business. The project, [...]

Lead Partner: Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
Measures: 2.2
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ERIH II - European Route of Industrial Heritage
Although regions such as the German Rühr, the North of England or Saar-Sor-Lux were cradles of the Industrial Revolution, these areas today, are struck by unemployment and decline and seldom regard their industrial heritage as a potential as [...]

Lead Partner: Nordrhein-Westfalen Tourismus e.V.
Measures: 4.2
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Addressing similar concerns of mobility and accessibility but on a more local scale, the study project, The International Network of Light Rail Cities – From Vision to Action (LIRA-II), brings together 9 partners from the Netherlands, the U [...]

Lead Partner: City Region Haaglanden
Measures: 2.1
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Optimum II - Optimal Planning Through Implementation of Mobility Management
Road congestion in the NWE area affects accessibility, mobility, environmental quality and economic development. Building new roads is no longer an option. Optimum2 seeks to better integrate mobility management into spatial planning and promo [...]

Lead Partner: Provincie Noord-Holland
Measures: 2.1
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VEPS - Virtual Environmental Planning System
The objective of VEPS is to promote the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for e-planning, consultation and communication of citizens’ view on planning issues, particularly those regarding the environment. Members of the [...]

Lead Partner: The Environment Agency for England and Wales
Measures: 2.2
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WIHCC (Water in Historic City Centres)
WIHCC (Water in historic city centres) tackles the good water management issues in old city centres and the role of water in the socio-economic and spatial structural intensification of such sites. 6 NWE medium size cities with city centres o [...]

Lead Partner: Gemeente Breda
Measures: 1.2
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