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4 Project(s) with Lead Partner(s) based in London

APANGO - Advocacy, Participation and NGOs in Planning
The objective of the APaNGO project is to find ways of increasing community involvement in the spatial planning process, particularly at the regional level. The first phase of the 1.2M Euro project will develop a comparative understanding of [...]

Lead Partner: Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)
Measures: 1.1
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Floodscape (Creating New Landscapes for Flood Risk Management)
Previously named : CFM
CFM (Creating new landscapes for flood risk management) is an action project that seeks to change perceptions of flooding and develop common principles for relevant decision-making. The objective is to promote new sustainable landscapes in pl [...]

Lead Partner: Environment Agency
Measures: 3.2
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POLYNET - Sustainable Management of European Polycentric Mega-City Regions
With a lead partner from the United Kingdom (Institute of Community Studies), and a total of 8 partners from the UK, Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and 9 Switzerland, POLYNET examines changes in functional connections and informat [...]

Lead Partner: Institute of Community Studies
Measures: 1.2
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SAUL (Sustainable & Accessible Urban Landscapes)
SAUL (Sustainable and Accessible Urban Spaces) seeks to take forward a IIC project (New Methods in Socially Compatible Development of Urban Landscapes) to the development phase, to tackle the question of the role of ‘socially-inclusive’ s [...]

Lead Partner: Groundwork UK Regional Office London
Measures: 1.1
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11 Project(s) with Partner(s) based in London

EGHN (European Garden Heritage Network)
From Capability Brown’s landscaping of rambling English country estates to the legacy of Le Nôtre at the Palace of Versailles, the garden heritage of the NWE region is rich and diverse, and a cultural asset in need of protection. Yet, the [...]

Lead Partner: Stiftung Schloss Dyck, Zentrum für Gartenkunst und Landschaftskultur
Measures: 4.2
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EPOS - Electronic Port Surveillance System
Maritime safety and port security have become more pressing issues in NW Europe due to a series of factors. These include post 9/11concerns about the threat of terrorism and illegal immigrants putting themselves at serious risk of injury or d [...]

Lead Partner: AG Port of Oostende
Measures: 5.1
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ESPACE is a UK-led project (Hampshire County Council) with 10 partners, many from across the water in Belgium and the Netherlands. The project seeks to contribute to challenge faced by administrations to minimise the risk that climate change [...]

Lead Partner: Hampshire County Council
Measures: 3.1
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EUROPOLIS Renewing the City, Monitoring and Focusing on Urban Growth
The objective of this French-led project (Ministère de l’Equipement), involving a total of 15 partners from France, Belgium, the UK and Germany, is to establish a transnational ‘action platform’ of medium-sized cities (50,000 to 250,00 [...]

Lead Partner: Direction générale de l’Urbanisme de l’Habitat et de la Construction, ministère de l’Equipement (METLTM)
Measures: 1.2
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HST Integration
between high speed rail stations in North West Europe. The project, whose lead partner is the South East England Development Agency, working in conjunction with a total of 18 partners from the UK, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, aims to [...]

Lead Partner: South East England Development Agency (SEEDA)
Measures: 2.1
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HST Platform
The action project High-Speed Train Platform (HST), addresses sustainable mobility management. Over 3 years the Dutch-led initiative involving 16 partners from the UK, Belgium and Germany will endeavour to improve the effectiveness of the hig [...]

Lead Partner: Province of Gelderland
Measures: 2.1
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Optimum II - Optimal Planning Through Implementation of Mobility Management
Road congestion in the NWE area affects accessibility, mobility, environmental quality and economic development. Building new roads is no longer an option. Optimum2 seeks to better integrate mobility management into spatial planning and promo [...]

Lead Partner: Provincie Noord-Holland
Measures: 2.1
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PROGRESS (Promotion and Guidance for Recreation on Ecologically Sensitive Sites)
The New Forest and Fontainebleau Forest are two of the largest state-owned woodland sites in the NWE. As designated Natura 2000 sites (under the EU Habitats and Birds Directives), the forests face considerable pressure in providing informal o [...]

Lead Partner: Forestry Commission
Measures: 4.1 : Stronger ecological infrastructure, reduced
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REDUCE - Waste Strategy in Transnational Reduction
Over-production and over-consumption of products and the resulting increase in household waste are increasingly becoming trans-national problems that require cross border co-operation. The REDUCE project’s key objective is to develop an int [...]

Lead Partner: Espace Environnement asbl / NGO
Measures: 4.1
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ReUrba II (Restructuring Urbanised Areas)
Nine partners from three Member States are building upon their findings from IIC, including its ‘lifestyle approach’, to tackle the issues of urban embellishment, revitalisation and renewal as well as the problems of urban sprawl and its [...]

Lead Partner: Province of South Holland (NL)
Measures: 1.1
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SAIL-II (Schéma d’Aménagement Intégré du Littoral)
With an ambitious partnership between fifteen regions from the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands SAIL II (Schéma d’Aménagement Intégré du Littoral) is a transnational endeavour seeking to foster greater cooperation between maritim [...]

Lead Partner: Essex County Council (UK)
Measures: 5.2
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