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1 Project(s) with Partner(s) based in Ile de France

This French led project brings together 9 partners from France, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands and represents five new towns, a school of architecture and research institutions. Focused particularly on business parks, the project address [...]

Lead Partner: Syndicat d’Agglomération Nouvelle de Sénart
Measures: 4.1
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DIPCITY - Development of Inland Ports as a sustainable tool for the City
North West Europe’s inland ports face common challenges. And they must co-operate on a transnational basis if they are to better integrate with the emerging Trans- European transport network. The objective of the DIPCITY project is to deliv [...]

Measures: 2.1
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EUROPOLIS Renewing the City, Monitoring and Focusing on Urban Growth
The objective of this French-led project (Ministère de l’Equipement), involving a total of 15 partners from France, Belgium, the UK and Germany, is to establish a transnational ‘action platform’ of medium-sized cities (50,000 to 250,00 [...]

Lead Partner: Direction générale de l’Urbanisme de l’Habitat et de la Construction, ministère de l’Equipement (METLTM)
Measures: 1.2
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HEATH - Heathland: Environment, Agriculture, Tourism and Heritage
Lowland heathland is one of NW Europe’s quintessential historic landscape types, protected under the EU Habitats Directive. But the area covered by heathland has shrunk over the past 200 years, a decline which is continuing due to lack of [...]

Lead Partner: English Nature
Measures: 4.1
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NEW! DELTA - Ports and Nature,Striking a New Balance
The NW European region contains some of the world’s busiest ports, many of which are located next to coastal areas of world ecological importance. Increasing sea traffic requires larger ports with deeper harbours and extended breakwaters, w [...]

Lead Partner: Province of South Holland (PSH)
Measures: 5.2
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NEWTASC - New Towns as Sustainable Communities
New Towns were developed in the post-war period as a planning option to alleviate the congestion of metropolitan areas, as an alternative to urban fringe development. As planned communities their approach to urban development and renewal had [...]

Lead Partner: Torfaen County Borough Council
Measures: 1.2
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POLYNET - Sustainable Management of European Polycentric Mega-City Regions
With a lead partner from the United Kingdom (Institute of Community Studies), and a total of 8 partners from the UK, Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and 9 Switzerland, POLYNET examines changes in functional connections and informat [...]

Lead Partner: Institute of Community Studies
Measures: 1.2
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PROGRESS (Promotion and Guidance for Recreation on Ecologically Sensitive Sites)
The New Forest and Fontainebleau Forest are two of the largest state-owned woodland sites in the NWE. As designated Natura 2000 sites (under the EU Habitats and Birds Directives), the forests face considerable pressure in providing informal o [...]

Lead Partner: Forestry Commission
Measures: 4.1 : Stronger ecological infrastructure, reduced
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RHINENET for a sustainable and participatory management of the Rhine Basin
The 5-year project, involving 13 partners from Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and with a lead partner in Saarbrücken, seeks to develop two interrelated issues of sustainable water management and the involvement of [...]

Lead Partner: Naturlandstiftung Saar
Measures: 3.1, 3.2
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SEPTENTRION (From the Fortified to the Sustainable Town)
This project, led by the Conseil Général du Nord (Lille), assembles an impressive 23 partners from Belgium, France and the Netherlands. It draws on the historical legacy of the Low Countries to examine its transnational cultural identity ac [...]

Lead Partner: Conseil Général du Nord
Measures: 4.2
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The Sustainable Open Spaces II (SOS II) project intends to further develop the concept of ‘open space’ examined in the IIC project, to consider ways in which the importance of landscape identity can be achieved. Over three years this ambi [...]

Lead Partner: Provincie Utrecht
Measures: 4.2
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STRING - Streets for Living
Neighbourhood regeneration in urban areas often focuses on the use of public spaces to help promote strong, vibrant communities and improve the quality of life. But roads, while public spaces, are often viewed as primarily transport routes, d [...]

Lead Partner: Swindon Borough Council
Measures: 1.1
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VEPS - Virtual Environmental Planning System
The objective of VEPS is to promote the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for e-planning, consultation and communication of citizens’ view on planning issues, particularly those regarding the environment. Members of the [...]

Lead Partner: The Environment Agency for England and Wales
Measures: 2.2
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