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1 Project(s) with Lead Partner(s) based in Hessen

NOFDP - Nature-Oriented Flood Damage Prevention
NOFDP is an investment project which focuses on giving ecological systems of water bodies and catchments areas, a greater role to play in flood damage prevention, in line with the EU Water Framework Directive. The project partnership, led by [...]

Lead Partner: Hessian Ministry of the Environment, Rural Development and Consumer Protection
Measures: 3.1
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6 Project(s) with Partner(s) based in Hessen

Floodscape (Creating New Landscapes for Flood Risk Management)
Previously named : CFM
CFM (Creating new landscapes for flood risk management) is an action project that seeks to change perceptions of flooding and develop common principles for relevant decision-making. The objective is to promote new sustainable landscapes in pl [...]

Lead Partner: Environment Agency
Measures: 3.2
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Freude am Fluss
This Dutch-led project with a total of 12 partners from France, Germany and the Netherlands, aims at reducing the opposition from local stakeholders to “room-for-river” measures against flooding. The project’s objective is to develop ex [...]

Lead Partner: Catholic University Nijmegen (KUN)
Measures: 3.2
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Bring up geology in a conversation and it will soon become apparent that the general public has limited knowledge on the geological diversity of North West Europe and its determining influence on the history and culture of the region. Buildin [...]

Lead Partner: Natural Environment Research Council (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland)
Measures: 4.1
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LIFESCAPE - Your Landscape
The link between cities and their immediate rural hinterlands is eroding across NW Europe as urban centres develop closer links with the global economy. These kinds of pressures are especially great in the ‘Central Zone’ of NW Europe, whe [...]

Lead Partner: Provincie Noord-Brabant
Measures: 1.2
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SAUL (Sustainable & Accessible Urban Landscapes)
SAUL (Sustainable and Accessible Urban Spaces) seeks to take forward a IIC project (New Methods in Socially Compatible Development of Urban Landscapes) to the development phase, to tackle the question of the role of ‘socially-inclusive’ s [...]

Lead Partner: Groundwork UK Regional Office London
Measures: 1.1
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The Sustainable Open Spaces II (SOS II) project intends to further develop the concept of ‘open space’ examined in the IIC project, to consider ways in which the importance of landscape identity can be achieved. Over three years this ambi [...]

Lead Partner: Provincie Utrecht
Measures: 4.2
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