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1 Project(s) with Lead Partner(s) based in Centre

Eurovéloroute des Fleuves
Previously named : Nantes - Budapest
Much of the cycling infrastructure on the 2,400km between Nantes and Budapest along the Loire, Rhine and Danube rivers already exists, but lacks continuity from one country to another. With a total of 18 partners from France, Germany, Switzer [...]

Lead Partner: Conseil Régional du Centre
Measures: 2.1
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15 Project(s) with Partner(s) based in Centre

(Agricultural Measures for Water Management and their Integration into Spatial Planning)
As a joint project between regions in France, Germany and the UK, AMEWAM (Agricultural measures for water management and their integration into spatial planning) addresses land use and water systems. In the partner regions, recent freak rain [...]

Lead Partner: Town of Schaigern
Measures: 3.1
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BRANCH - Biodiversity Requires Adaptations in Northwest Europe under a CHanging climate
Lead Partner: English Nature
Measures: 4.1
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COREPOINT - Creating a Sustainable Framework for ICZM
All North West European countries share concerns about coastal problems, such as flooding resulting from coastal change. The objective of Corepoint is to establish NW Europe as an internationally recognised region of excellence in coastal man [...]

Lead Partner: University College Cork, (Coastal & Marine Resources Centre)
Measures: 5.2
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ELFE - E-Learning for Female Entrepreneurs
The objectives of the ELFE project are to use the internet to provide training opportunities for women, who because of work and family commitments, find it hard to return to college to learn the skills needed to set up in business. The project, [...]

Lead Partner: Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
Measures: 2.2
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EPROC - Public Sector EProcurement Project
Various EU documents have highlighted the vital contribution telecommunications and ICT applications could make to sustainable development by giving service suppliers based in rural areas a more competitive edge against their urban competitor [...]

Lead Partner: Antur Teifi Cyf.
Measures: 2.2
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Freude am Fluss
This Dutch-led project with a total of 12 partners from France, Germany and the Netherlands, aims at reducing the opposition from local stakeholders to “room-for-river” measures against flooding. The project’s objective is to develop ex [...]

Lead Partner: Catholic University Nijmegen (KUN)
Measures: 3.2
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Hospital Cooperation (Creation of a Transnational Network for Hospital Co-operation between Strasbourg, Liège and Luxembourg)
The objective of this five-year project, involving five partners, is to set up a network between the hospitals of Strasbourg, Liège and Luxembourg, to be extended to other hospitals at a later stage. The hospitals are among the largest emplo [...]

Lead Partner: Hopitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg
Measures: 2.2
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LIFESCAPE - Your Landscape
The link between cities and their immediate rural hinterlands is eroding across NW Europe as urban centres develop closer links with the global economy. These kinds of pressures are especially great in the ‘Central Zone’ of NW Europe, whe [...]

Lead Partner: Provincie Noord-Brabant
Measures: 1.2
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MESH - Development of a framework for Mapping European Seabed Habitats
The MESH project, led by the UK’s Joint Nature Conservation Committee, will focus on seabed areas within the NWE. Their diverse habitats and biodiversity are important food and energy resources as well as essential components of the ecosyst [...]

Lead Partner: Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Measures: 5.2
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NENSI (North European Network for Service Incubators)
The Dutch-led NENSI project aims at creating a transnational NWE network of regional incubator centres to develop service support desks for young enterprises and improve accessibility to management services, in order to increase their chance [...]

Lead Partner: Stichting ROC Oost Nederland
Measures: 1.2
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The Belgian led project brings together a strong grouping of 13 partners representing a range of forest-related interests over Belgium, Germany, France and Luxemburg. The project deals with a coherent territorially-transnational woodland regi [...]

Lead Partner: Valbois Ressources Naturelles (Valbois RN)
Measures: 4.1
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SEPTENTRION (From the Fortified to the Sustainable Town)
This project, led by the Conseil Général du Nord (Lille), assembles an impressive 23 partners from Belgium, France and the Netherlands. It draws on the historical legacy of the Low Countries to examine its transnational cultural identity ac [...]

Lead Partner: Conseil Général du Nord
Measures: 4.2
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SPATIAL METRO - A Network for Discovering the City on Foot
Visitors are often put off spending time in cities they find difficult to navigate their way around. The objective of the SPATIAL METRO project is to provide a way of making cities and their component elements legible and navigable for visito [...]

Lead Partner: Norwich City Council
Measures: 1.1
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TESIS (Technology Supported Innovation And E-Business in the Information Society)
This Irish-led project, lasting two and a half years, brings together ten partners from four Member States in a project whose objective is to assist SMEs in making better use of existing technologies to stimulate economic expansion. Significa [...]

Lead Partner: Údarás na Gaeltachta
Measures: 2.2
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WARELA (Water Retention by Land Use)
Besides the major flooding of main rivers, significant damage is caused by flooding of smaller tributaries. Thus flood protection measures implemented through large engineering projects must - to make them efficient as possible - be complemen [...]

Lead Partner: Research Institute for Forest Ecology and Forestry Rheinland-Pfalz (FAWF)
Measures: 3.1
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