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ERDF Funding allocated

51.502 million


The NWE ecological footprint i.e. its negative global environmental impact must be reduced.  This entails tackling a wide variety of issues such as: managing waste disposal; developing  renewable energies; promoting the sustainable use and protecting natural areas; reducing the negative externalities from traffic flows.

The NWE programme recognises the importance of the historic environment and will also allocate resources to safeguard and creatively enhance the integrity of sites, monuments and cultural landscapes, considering them not only as assets for economic development. It also aims to strengthen local and regional identities and to promote culture as an essential element in the development of society.

Examples of Approved Projects :

- The  SOS II  Project  ( Sustainable Open Spaces II)  

The Sustainable Open Spaces II (SOS II) project intends to further develop the concept of 'open space' examined in the IIC project, to consider ways in which the importance of landscape identity can be achieved.


Other Examples of possible projects :

  • A network of cities/regions may launch a comprehensive NWE awareness-raising campaign around two paradoxes: living in urban areas is greener and more cars = less mobility, including positive policy proposals to change mass behaviour.

  • A heritage conservation agencies network could conduct archaeological comparisons between landmark sites of European culture linked by a common theme (e.g. Cistercian abbeys, Art Nouveau buildings, etc.) in order to gain a better understanding of their mutual relationships and exploit related findings. Alternatively, the focus might be placed on the European memory in visitor's centres, vocational training (including traineeship abroad) of crafts(wo)men specialised in heritage restoration, etc.

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