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The North West Europe Programme belongs to strand B of the European Community Initiative INTERREG III* which supports transnational co-operation in the field of spatial development between national, regional and local authorities and a wide range of non-governmental organisations.

End objective

The objective is to achieve a more cohesive, balanced and sustainable territorial development in the Community and better territorial integration. The INTERREG IIIB NWE Programme follows up from the INTERREG IIC NWMA (North-Western Metropolitan Area) Programme implemented over 1998-2001.

A substantially increased budget

Between 2000-2006 the Programme will allocate €330 million of European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) to forward-looking projects in the field of territorial development that contribute to the above mentioned objective. Two Calls for Proposals will be launched every year during this period. Each call is advertised on this website.

Amongst the 13 INTERREG III B Programmes, North West Europe was allocated the largest budget since its cooperation area covers nearly half the EU population. Seven Member States are participating (Belgium, France, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK) together with Switzerland ( click here to view the map of the co-operation area).

Five key priorities

Jointly prepared by representatives of the Member States, the main Programme reference document (CIP - Community Initiative Programme), was approved by the European Commission on March 22nd 2002. It includes an analysis of the economic, social, spatial but also environmental potential of the NWE. On the basis of such an analysis, five fields of priority for transnational project activities were identified. Project ideas must fall within the scope of these priorities and measures, and generally attract partners from at least two member states within the cooperation area, since the ultimate aim of INTERREG IIIB is to promote joint solutions to transnational and common issues through transnational co-operation.

Promoting joint solutions

Project ideas must fall within the scope of these priorities and measures, and generally attract partners from at least two different countries of the NWE area, with each partner contributing to project funding or being active in the implementation of the action plan.

For more information on how the Programme is managed go to section Programme Management

Click here to download an overview of the NWE INTERREG III B Programme.

For further details on the INTERREG Community Initiative (Strands A, B and C) visit the INFOREGIO Website of the European Commission and INTERACT's website which aims to provide information on all aspects of INTERREG and the current debate on European Territorial Cooperation. (The main activities of the INTERACT Programme are setting up information and communication networks, defining information frameworks and flows, proactively disseminating information and stimulating exchange of experiences between INTERREG programmes).



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