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Commission Regulation (EC) No 1159/2000 of 30 May 2000
on information and publicity measures to be carried out by the Member States concerning assistance from the Structural Funds

This is the Official Regulation which sets out the requirements for communication. Please read this document carefully before setting up your communication strategy.
Please pay specific attention to the obligation to mention the use of ERDF on all official documents (for which the joint signature was created).
Available for download in all official Programme languages : English, French, Dutch, and German

The joint NWE-EU signature

The joint signature is an obligatory component of any project publication : not only is it a legal requirement, but it is also a seal of approval from the European Union !

You will find hereunder the three possible uses of the NWE-EU joint signature. The aim is for you to be able to download the one that best suits your publication according to the available space, so that the joint signature is as legible as possible.

Standard Use: for most publications
Vertical Use: for publications where available layout space is narrow and vertical
Specific Use : for publications where available space is narrow and horizontal

All uses are available for download in colour and in black and white, in JPG and EPS formats.
If you require higher resolution or different language versions, please contact

FOR THE EPS FILES - they are zipped : Please SAVE them to your computer before trying to open them.

Horizontal Use (standard)

  EPS download
JPG download

download EPSEPS download download EPS JPG download

Vertical Use

  EPS download
JPG download

EPS download
  JPG download

Specific Use


download EPS  EPS download
download EPSJPG download

download EPS  EPS download
download EPSJPG download


Press releases

Should you wish to include a box article or a feature about INTERREG IIIB NWE-ENO in your publications, or wish to explain to your press contacts about our programme, you can download a short summary of "what is interreg"  in all four programme languages, out of which you can copy and paste into your own document.

Guide to communicating on Structural Funds

Here you will find the guidelines of the Commission's Regional Policy regarding communication on structural funds. The overall aim is for the funding procedures to be transparent so that European citizens know how thier money is being used - and that their money is being well spent!
It is available on the Regional Policy website in English, French and German.


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